Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/28/2019

Worship Is A Lifestyle

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Worship is so much more than what we do. Worship is how we treat each other, even in dissension too. Worship is so much more than a couple of hours or dancing a mile. Worship is more than doing but being, it’s a lifestyle.

Worship is not the response you get from the crowd but the response you receive from the Father, when bowed. Worship is touching God’s heart, changing our hearts forever.

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  1. Amen


  2. Amen, for having pure worship through our lifestyle we become the Living Word of God that is stored up within us and in-return we become a walking testimony of God’s Grace which brings the church from brick and mortar and in re-turn we end up bringing church through our Christ like lifestyle to the streets where it is needed because the streets are full of hungry lost souls that refuse to step into church’s for many reasons.

    Through pure worship unto God through our lifestyle we can surely speak louder through our Christ-like actions than a preacher can at the pulpit for our actions will speak louder than just words.

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    • Very true. Our worship is to be like salt shaken out of the salt shaker into the world. Loving others on the streets and in our families.

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  3. By being touched by God’s grace we are being transformed into God pleasing people.

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  4. Amen👑


  5. Wow! What a nice content about God! Such an amazing person.

    ps. Please drop by on my blog when u have time. Keep on sharing Gods word.


    • Worship is how we live and treat each other. It is a lifestyle. Praise God! Thank you.

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  6. Amen! God bless us!


  7. Amen! A lifestyle indeed!


  8. I love to worship God.


  9. What a very true post. You and your readers may enjoy a similar view on this topic.


  10. Very empowering and inspiring. God and everything he represents should be the central part of our lives. Thanks for sharing

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  11. yes that’s true ,worship shows how hearty we are to god


    • Worship is touching God’s heart, changing our hearts forever.


  12. What an inspiring message to start my week off!


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