Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/23/2019

The Love Of God!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Your loves makes

Undeserving of your favoring
But you love me unconditionally
I’m so helpless of helping you, desperate and destitute
But through you I’m sustained and you never complain.

I haven’t always been faithful, faithful to you
But you’ve always been constant and faithful to me
Apprenticed of how to love you
But I’m learning through your love ’cause your love teaches me.

Although I know I’m not the perfect one
Your love makes me perfect, perfected through your love
At times I’ve been too busy
But patiently you wait for me.

I really desire all your Glory
But you desire all of me
Even when I falter, even when I stray
You love me back, back into your arms of grace.

Whenever I call,
If ever I fall
You always answer me
‘Cause your love catches me.

-the difference

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  1. Amen!! Thank You Father for loving me unconditionally, and teaching me how to love you, and others, by being an example of love!! Thank You Jesus for loving me unconditionally; thank You for Your death, burial, and resurrection, so I could be restored unto Father, have victory over ALL things that would try to steal, kill, and destroy me!! Thank You Holy Spirit for loving me unconditionally; thank You for being my strength when I am weak, and my comforter when I think I cannot go on!! Thank You Holy Spirit for empowering me to do what Father asks me to do; I CANNOT make it without You, nor can I live without You, nor do I want to!! I TOTALLY SURRENDER my life to You Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit; have Your way in me!!❤️❤️❤️

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  2. I give You my whole heart!!

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  3. Our hearts overflow with thankfulness in response to God’s unconditional love.

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    • Yes! God’s unconditional love for us is incredible.So thankful for it!

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  4. Wow!
    This would make a lovely song.

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  5. Praise God for his love and grace, that he continues to pursue me despite my faults.

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    • God’s love for us is incredible. He pursues us, no matter what. Praise the Lord!

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  6. His love, truly makes the difference!


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