Posted by: Pure Glory | 03/23/2019

God’s Fiery Love For You

by Hazel Straub

I am baptizing you in my fiery love
All those things that you cannot conquer on your own
You are my bride and I am burning you with my fiery love
Receive the fire of my love

My fiery love is flowing out of my heart
It is flowing over you
My fiery love is permeating your heart
Those deep places where you despair of ever-changing
All the crevices and cracks in your heart

My fiery love is burning out all those things that caused despair
My fiery love is burning in your heart
The lust for power and things not of me
My love is burning out the idols in your life
I’m burning those things of the flesh

Invite me to come deeper into your heart
My fiery love is burning out the resistance and rebellion
All those yes but, yes but, a little later but
I am changing those buts into yes, yes Lord

Rest in my fiery love
My love conquers all
My fire is burning out all rebellion
All the why me Lord?
Those places where you feel a victim

My  fiery love is burning deep into your heart
It is causing your heart to beat with my heart

I am taking your heart of stone and I am giving you a heart of flesh
I am surrounding you with my fiery love
All the hardened calloused places softened in the volcano of my love
Receive the volcano of my love
Let it burn, let it burn, my fiery love

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  1. Beautiful and true words thank you!

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  2. It’s a wonderful and a painful thing this fiery love that will not stop until God has it all.

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  3. Very fiery poem

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  4. I love it, the fiery love of God! And like the burning bush, it is a fire that never goes out. It doesn’t need us to stoke it, for God’s love always was, is and will be.
    Pastor Chuck


    • Pasror Chuck, it is wonderful that the fire of God’s love is always burning. Blessings!

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  5. I receive it!


  6. thank you Pure Glory!
    the fire dissolves the old; the Holy Spirit forms the new
    thank you Jesus!


  7. Yes! Amen and amen


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