Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/08/2019

Birth-Through 2019

by Apostle Gabriel Cross and Hazel Straub

It’s time for BIRTH-THROUGH. You are being birthed out of the past, into the New, God ordained for You! This is the year to give birth to Destiny and what God has placed within, while you crush completely, through the God of Peace, the snake, underneath your feet. 

The year 2019, according to the Jewish calendar is 5779. It is the last year of the decade of vision or the eye. God gives us his vision for this year.  Additionally, it is time for birthing our destiny but also the time of the snake. We crush the snake (satan) under our feet because he comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus comes so that we might have life and may have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)  The enemy is defeated and we see our destiny birthed this year!

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  1. The Lord had me eating pickles in November and December of 2018 and maybe even October, would have to look in my notebook. I tasted and craved dill pickles. I bought them by the quart jars. I dont care for pickles at all! When I told my best friend this, she responded, “Your giving birth to something.”

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  2. I love this message!!! Thank you so much for sharing it! God bless you.

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  3. yes and amen! both 2019 and 5779 end in a birth of the new, the womb picture of the 9! the seed of the woman, Christ in us, crushes the head of the serpent and we are restored seven times what the thief stole, killed and destroyed in our lives, as the the Son of Righteousness rises within us and we go leaping with joy into new abundant life, led by the Holy Spirit! O the riches of grace and glory in Christ and Christ in us!

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  4. I would really like to know more about this prophetic year. Good word!

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  5. Amen! Yes the year of birthing and victory over that old serpent! Blessings to you and Happy New Year!

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  6. This post was quite enlightening, mainly because I dreamed I was pregnant a couple of nights ago (impossible in real life!), but it made me think if God is not saying that something new is being shaped for “birth.” It is exciting but I don’t know what it is. But, I did start today editing chapters of a book I wrote, as maybe that is what God is calling me to do.

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    • Yes! It is time for birthing! Regina, you have a gift of writing and you definitely should be writing and publishing more than one book! Enjoy those new babies!


  7. Amen! May it come to pass!


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