Posted by: Pure Glory | 12/25/2018

Tired? Worship The King!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

For those of you whom have grown tired in doing what is right and are battling with feelings of discouragement, anxiety, or torment. The Father says you are in a narrow place. “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (MARK 10:25).

The “eye of a needle” was a narrow mountain pass or narrow place of passage, which was difficult for a camel to go through. “…the eye of the needle, a small door fixed in a gate and opened after dark.” To pass through, the camel must be uploaded. Hence the difficulty of the rich man. He must be uploaded. You are being uploaded. You are being rid of unnecessary weights, ways, person(s) and things to spiritually transfer you to a higher heavenly realm. The Lord has not forgotten nor forsaken you. You are being birthed anew through the transition canal of the Lord.

Prophetically, the Lord has put the squeeze on you. He is allowing the pressure to extract the oil of anointing that he has placed within you. He is causing a divine merging where the two lanes or two wills become one. You are becoming one with the King of Glory, who is severely passionate concerning you and in love with you. In this season, hindrances are being displaced, old wounds, and trauma that is being revisited, is for you to conquer in the name of the Lord, as you forgive and are revived. You are moving from false and wounded identities into truth and wholeness. Yahweh is making you less affected by the world’s systems and more effective to the world. There is a greater grace on your life today to complete what you’ve started, surpass the past, and to fully grasp the new and the manifestation of what He promised you!


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  1. Awesome word!


  2. The joy of the Lord is my strength! 🙏
    I Worship the King 👑 of Kings, Lord of Lords! Glory Hallelujah!
    Renewed.. 💜😊🙏

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  3. I love this explanation. I had never understood what the “eye of the needle” meant, now it makes sense. Thanks a lot!

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  4. Amen! Yes to your will.


  5. Love the line, “Yahweh is making you less affected by the world’s systems and more effective to the world.” So true. We are being refined by the fire. Thanks for the post.

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  6. Actually, the camel is a Greek mistranslation from the Hebrew & Aramaic “thick rope”. A thick rope – indeed, a rope of any sort – can only go through a needle’s eye by being taken apart strand by strand.


  7. Amen.


  8. Amen! Glory be to God. Let His will be done.

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