Posted by: Pure Glory | 12/16/2018

Love Beyond Yourself

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Love beyond yourself.

If your love doesn’t carry you beyond yourself, it isn’t love. “And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you; Though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved,” (2 Corinthians 12:15). In the natural, one loves expecting love in return. Paul says, “I do not care whether you love me or not, I am willing to destitute myself completely, not merely for your sakes, but that I may draw you to God.

The real test for the Bride is not in her preaching the gospel, but washing the feet of others, and doing things that do not count in the actual estimate of men, but matters for everything in the eyes of God. God delights in the bride when she spends herself out for God’s interest, in other people, not caring what the cost will entail; and doing it gladly. A lot of what we call love is really affection because it doesn’t go beyond ourselves. Love beyond yourself today, and love your Hater.

Apostle Hater Lover

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  1. Amen. Thank you.

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  2. What a word! Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

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  3. God knows how much we love ourselves. Therefore, He challenges us with: Love your neighbour as yourself.

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  4. I am in a situation to minister to certain family members, some actually dying right now, that are non-believers and still refuse to have me near them or refuse any help from me. This is now much hate they have inside of them. They used to mock me for my beliefs. I respect their wishes but still offer my help regularly. It’s important to remember what Jesus actually said about folk like this, the unbeliever. He addressed this numerous times from right before his crucifixion that he would not pray for the world but for those that are His, the believers. He said leave the blind leading the blind alone because they will end up in the ditch. He told his disciples to shake the dust from their feet when leaving the towns that would not accept the “Good News.” There is nothing sadder or scarier than to confront those with so much negativity in them that they would rather die that receive help from you because your very presence, words of hope and help in things like cleaning or anything, offends them that much.

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    • Keep praying for them and loving them. God’s heart is that all be saved. Your prayer for your loved ones’ salvation is heard by God. Of course it is their choice, but they will get conviction from Holy Spirit, when you pray for them. Do not give up hope because they still have a choice until they pass away. They would not be so negative, unless they were under conviction. Love makes such a difference even if they are not responsive. Love changes the atmosphere and the demons can not operate. Do no give up hope. Your prayers for your relatives make a difference. My prayer for you is that you do not lose heart. I speak healing from their rejection. Love conquers!

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  5. Hazel, I believe “foot washing” and preaching the gospel are synonymous. Please consider this post the Lord gave me on that subject:

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    • Sue, yes, foot washing and the gospel are synonymous. Foot washing is humbling and shows the love of God beyond ourselves. Your post on foot washing illustrates this. Blessings!

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