Posted by: Pure Glory | 08/30/2018

Season Of Great Reciprocity

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I heard the Lord saying, “reciprocity,’ this morning over his people. So I inquired and this is what he said.

“You are entering a season of great reciprocity. There has been much warfare, trial, and testing. You have given up much, but I see in the Spirit, what’s coming back to you, is so much greater than what you’ve given. You have seemingly, suffered great loss, but I hear the Father saying: “What I am releasing to you in this hour, (My Glory—Goodness) will far outweigh the cost. For I am redeeming the times and the days that have been evil and difficult for you. I am causing there to be a new gold stream, an inundated river, a new flow, of unprecedented blessings.”

“For I have allowed these things to come, to push you beyond where you have been. Beyond normalcy, apathy, comfortability, and life as usual. I’m shifting you to go beyond the limits, for there are no limitations in my Glory. I’m calling you to go beyond your horizons, for my range and perceptions are higher than yours. Let’s go beyond into unknown realms of my Glory, unfamiliar authority, untapped wells of revelation, and extremely powerful dominion. For you will exercise dominion over time, livestock, resources, elements, wealth, and the land. What many have tried to do, on their own, and failed, My Glory will do through you, and you will succeed and exceed the past.”

“For I have even purposely, blocked some doors, so that you would not go the familiar route, but the route I carved out solely for you, to be ultimately blessed. Double Doors of Blessing! So be not discouraged, be not dismayed, what the enemy has been trying to destroy, steal, and keep from you, has already been RELEASED TO YOU.”

“Reciprocity of anointing, reciprocity of grace, reciprocity of harvest, reciprocity of time, and reciprocity of faith! You are about to be rewarded for your struggle!!! For when man reciprocates in the natural, it is only matched by something equal. However, when I, the Lord, reciprocate, I GO BEYOND MATCHING WITH SOMETHING EQUAL, I MULTIPLY, WITH SOMETHING GREATER!””

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  1. I know my redeemer lives and spoke these words. He said the same to me and that they are coming ahead of schedule…sooner than you think.

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    • Hallelujah! Thank God for confirmation! He always confirms his word! All glory to God.

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      • All Glory to God!!!

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  2. This is for me! I receive it all Lord!

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  3. Reblogged this on Eric Michel Ministries International.

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  4. Very powerful and motivational!..THANK YOU!!

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  5. That is incredible!!! The Lord just spoke to me huge through that and stirred me in the Spirit! That means so much to me after 6 1/2 years of suffering Celiac Disease! Thank you Jesus!!! God bless you!

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  6. yes and amen

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  7. I love the mathematics of God!

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    • Amen! This one is by Apostle Gabriel Cross. Praise God for his revelation.


      • Yes and thanks Apostle Gabriel Cross. My apologies for assuming it was Hazel. Most times I read but todayI didn’t.

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      • Blessings, Lauren. No problem. 😊


  8. Thank you so much for all your posts. Thanks to God and everything he gives us. I really needed to read this, just like all your prayers and encouraging words from God.

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  9. Amen, Thank You Lord!


  10. Amen! I like the sounds of that.


  11. Amen-Amein and Thanks so very much Brothers and Sisters in Christ-Messiah Jesus-Yeshua!! ❤ GOD Bless You and Your Family and Friends!!

    Love 💕 Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann


    • Praise God, we are in a season of great reciprocity! God is doing what we could never do on our own.


  12. This is such confirmation for me personal. But also confirmation for what I have received in my spirit as well for the people of God. Thank you for your obedience in sharing, this has blessed me. It is so, thank you Father!

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    • Praise God for his confirmations! This is a season of great reciprocity. So good to know this post blessed you!


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