Posted by: Pure Glory | 07/05/2018

Praise And Worship Yahweh!

by Hazel Straub

Praise and worship the King Yahweh with your voice, today. The rivers join their voices, the trees clap their hands along with all creation. Glory to God!

Sing your melody of praise to the Lord
and make music like never before!
Blow those trumpets and shofars!
Shout with joyous triumph before King Yahweh!
Let the ocean’s waves join in the chorus with their roaring praise
until everyone everywhere shouts out in unison,
“Glory to the Lord!”
Let the rivers and streams clap with applause
as the mountains rise in a standing ovation
to join the mighty choir of exaltation.
Look! Here he comes! The Lord and judge of all the earth!
He’s coming to make things right and to do it fair and square.
And everyone will see that he does all things well! (Psalm 98:5-9 TPT)

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  1. What a timely message for today’s world!!

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  2. Perfect! I was just about to go to pray and I was too noisy in my spirit to be still. Now I know what to do! Sing and make noise to the LORD. He does all things well, including letting me find this blog! Thanks Hazel!

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    • Praise Yahweh who loves, guides and is worthy of all of our worship and praise! He inhabits the praises of his people. You are most welcome, Lauren! Blessings!

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  3. What a beautiful post. Ajust the thought that everything in the universe would praise the Lord God is so wonderful! He is so deserving of much praise.

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  4. Praise and Worship indeed!! Amen!

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  5. Being in tune with nature compels you to sing praises to the Lord, our God.

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    • Yes, it does. It is relaxing because the trees, grass, flowers and streams all praise the Lord, our God!

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  6. He deserves it ALL! THANK YOU LORD!

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  7. One only needs to add the HALLELUJAH chorus!

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  8. Hallelujah!

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  9. amen on this post 🙂 singing praises to the Most High
    Glad to have found you again. My One Spirit many souls site was deleted by mistake. I tried getting it back but cannot here is my new word press site. hope to see you there 🙂

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