Posted by: Pure Glory | 06/16/2018

Jesus Son of God

by Hazel Straub


Alpha and Omega, Anointed One, Apostle
Beautiful beyond description, Bore sin for many, Blessing, Beloved, Bread of life, Blood cleanses
Committed Compassionate Christ Crucified, Carried our sorrows, Counselor, Courageous
Died for all, Despised, Door to the Father, Drink Offering, Dependable, Deliverer, Demon Buster
Encourager,, Eternal life, Extraordinary, Evangelist
Fantastic Forgiver, Faithful, Friend, Firstborn, Fearless, Finisher of the Faith
Gentle, Good Shepherd, Glory of God, Good, Gospel
Holy, Humble, Healer, Honest, Heaven Home
Innocent, Inspirational, Iniquities bearer, Integrity, Intercessor
Jubilant, Joyful Jesus, Just
King of kings, Keys to life and death
Lord of lords, Lover of our souls, Light, Life, Listener, Lamb of God, Lord God
Mighty God is he, Miracle Worker, Man of Sorrows, Merciful, Meek, Magnificent
Name powerful, Never changes
Obedient, One with Father God and Holy Spirit
Pure, Praiser, Prayerful, Prince of Peace, Patient, Prophet, Pastor, Power under control
Quality, Qualifies believers in him
Resurrection, Redeemer, Rejected by men, Righteous, River of life, Responsible
Savior, Sacrifice, Soul poured out to death, Sinless, Son of God, Servant, Salvation, Shepherd, Suffering for us
Truth, Teacher, Trustworthy, Thoughtful, Triumph
Victorious, Virtuous
Wonderful, Word, Wisdom, Well of salvation, the Way,
Yeshua, Yielded, Yes to the Father
Zeal for the Lord

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  1. Amen!

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  2. Reblogged this on Eric Michel Ministries International.

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  3. Praise be to Jesus, our Savior!!😄❤

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  4. What a neat idea to go through the entire alphabet to describe Jesus!

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  5. AMEN! He is Everything from A to Z, and so much more! Jesus, Son of God! Blessings!

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    • Yes, Jesus is wonderful beyond description. Blessings!


  6. Wonderful Work! Inspiring, motivating, and beautiful! How great is our God!

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    • We give the Glory to God! There is no one like Jesus. He loves us so much! Thank you,


  7. What a name! Worthy is the Lamb! No other name, No wonder there is power in the name, No wonder God wouldn’t share it, it would destroy us to carry that name, but not Jesus. He could bear the burden and raise it victorious so that we might give praise and honour and glory where glory is due.

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    • Yes, Jesus deserves our worship and praise. His name is to be honored. He is worthy!


  8. Amen & amen! Interesting going through the alphabet like that.

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  9. Hallelujah!

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  10. YESSS Everything! Praise God for Jesus!


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