Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/30/2018

Fear of Man Or Fear Of God?

by Hazel Straub

Fear of man will stunt your growth and keep you from fulfilling your destiny. Fear of man results in pleasing man and not God. Fear of God will cause you to listen and obey his voice and fulfill your destiny! Seeking and following God’s voice leads to abundant life.

Now am I trying to win the favor of men, or of God? Do I seek to please men? If I were still seeking popularity with men, I should not be a bond servant of Christ (the Messiah). (Galatians 1:10 AMP)

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  1. Fear of man is pride. Fear of God is meekness and humility. I struggled with fear of man most of my life – no longer!


    • Pride wants to rule in man. Love that humility is fear of God. Praise God, you are free from the fear of man!

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  2. Amen.

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  3. I certainly have struggled with this issue. I really have to be on guard with God‘s armor!

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    • This issue is seen in the lives of two Sauls. King Saul started humble but later was full of pride, living in the flesh as a people pleaser. He did not please God. Saul of Tarsus started living in the flesh but had a total transformation and became a God pleaser that never went back to people pleasing. We have to die to our flesh and live for God. There is so much reward in living for God. However, people are fickle and when we try to please them they change. Abundant blessings!

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  4. Amen!

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  5. The great apostle provides an excellent exemplar for us to follow. With the fear (awe) of God fear of man can be overcome.

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  6. So very true. I have learned that fear carries a heavy costs: missed opportunities and missed people.

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    • Yes, the enemy of our soul controls by fear. When we fear man, we have the wrong perspective!


  7. Amen!!!


  8. Yes!!!☺❤❤❤

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  9. Amen!

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  10. If we have mans favour, we have our reward. It’s momentary, empty, fleeting. I want God’s eternal favour. Praise God 🙂


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