Posted by: Pure Glory | 02/01/2018

Powerful You!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You are God’s secret weapon, you are His battle-axe, you are His authority on earth!

You are the salt—wise, most valuable, highest, distinctive quality of the earth. You are the living expression of God in the earth. You are the brilliance of His Glory in human form. You are a crown of Glory, in the hands of the Lord. You are the joy of God’s heart.

You are a weapon of mass destruction and an eternal threat against the devil and his darkness. You attract mercy, grace, favor, and blessings, daily. You walk in divine inheritance.

You are above only, and not beneath. You are a rare extraordinaire, and joint heir with Christ! You are stable, secure, and confident in Christ, rooted and grounded in His Word and Love. You are the movement of God in the earth realm. You are not cursed, but outrageously and contagiously Blessed. You are God’s dream. When God gave—sowed his Son, Jesus Christ, he was wanting a harvest, you and I, as family.

You are the light of the world! You are who God says you are, and there’s nothing the devil can do about it!

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  1. Amen!!!!! Yesssssssssss I am!!! Yessssss!!!


  2. AMEN! So glad I am and I pray many more become this also!


  3. Love the line outrageously and contagiously blessed! I agree, Amen.


  4. Thank you for such wonderful words of encouragement!


    • You are welcome! Blessings of abundant encouragement!


  5. I love the words that God gives you every day!


    • Praise God! He is always speaking to us. Thank you!


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