Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/12/2018

Reverse Your Worship

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Reverse your Worship. The church must come out of reverse, and reverse her Worship to the Father. We have become so people friendly, that the church is no longer God-friendly. We build these great buildings, while God is on the outside saying, “Can I come in?”

We have so many programs, that sometimes, we’ve programmed God completely out of the equation. We have allowed the spirit of the world to come in, in lieu of the Spirit of the Lord. Competing against one another, idolizing one another, coming to be entertained, but not changed. This is the spirit of Saul, which is the people’s choice. While  we need the Spirit of David, which is God’s choice. Instead it’s all about what we like, our preferences, and our desires. However, Esther, won the night with the King, because she was the only one who asked, “What does the King like?”

This is why God accepted Abel’s offering or Worship but not Cain’s offering. Abel gave God what God (required) wanted to receive. Cain gave God what he wanted (selfish desire) to give. Now is the time, now is the hour, for the true Worshipers to arise, with a new sound of Worship that will cause the world to take notice, penetrate their hearts, and cause them to bow and dance to the beat of our God.

We are not waiting on the Bridegroom, the Bridegroom is waiting on us. The Bride of Christ, is making herself ready for the Bridegroom.  I hear the voice of the Bridegroom, excited, exclaiming, “Come, come through the double doors with Me, I have so much more, I want to give you. Incredibly more, I want to teach you. More, more, more than you could imagine.”

Reverse – opposite or contrary in position, direction, order, or character: with the back or rear part toward the observer: acting in a manner opposite or contrary to that which is usual.

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  1. how sadly true… may I ever seek to please Him first and only

  2. So, So, True!

  3. While on a visit to Germany, I once attended a worship service and listened to a sermon on how important it is to use environmentally friendly detergent. This is just an example of how some churches have lost their touch with God.

    • Yes! This is a good example of having forgotten God. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wonderful word! Still thinking and praying for Hazel—how is she doing?

    • Thank you! Hazel is doing well.

  5. True! And especially to churches that pay lip service to a God from the pulpit but do not walk as they speak.

    • Yes, God wants our hearts not empty words!

  6. Oh, my goodness, you can really, really write! 😍

  7. Amen and Amen!!!! Let us worship him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH!!!

  8. Full of Truth… I see purity of scripture

  9. Thinking of a weaving loom, and the poem called The Master Weaver … when a loom is set up the vertical threads go in first, this is how it should be with us, and helped we are, because the Lord links heaven to heart by putting those threads in Downwards first. If only our hearts Would receive them. Oh yes it’s true the pattern is created by the horizontal threads but the Great designer is God Himself and gives the pattern of how our worship should be directed not ourselves. Blessings

    • Great illustration! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Sometimes I think that the church world has confused evoking God and INVOKING God. It’s a very important difference.

    • Yes there is a big difference. Wisdom!

  11. Such a true word and so seriously needed right now.

  12. Amen! This is awesome. 🙂

  13. What an eye-opener. I was glad that people like you still exist in this world, people that brings back the children of God back to their Father. God bless you and continue encouraging other believers. 😀

    • Thank you for kind comment and blessing. Your feedback is encouraging. I receive the blessing! Blessings to you!

  14. Deeply true

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