Posted by: Pure Glory | 12/26/2017

Prophetic Dream

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I just prophetically dreamed last night, that All the People Of God, were in the Kingdom, seated at the table of David. In the dream, The Lord said, “In my Kingdom, no one is a loser. We always Win!”

Then David Said, “I always make sure, that at the table, there’s always more than enough, for everyone.” This is what a real King, does. God will always provide for you. There is no shortage in heaven, but more than enough, for everyone. You’re the Winner, whose championship, is completely provided.

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  1. thank You Lord God for accepting, loving even me

  2. Love your prophetic words.

    • You are welcome!

      • What does one need to do to get that prophetic word ?

      • Receive it into your heart-your mind, will and emotions. Cry out to God and ask him for more.

      • Keep pressing in, right ?

      • Yes!!!

      • I have a close friend, i try to see him about every 2 weeks . He has never taken a dime from his shop, God just sends him stuff and he is always in the Word and on fire for Him. He has done some healing and he gave me a prophetic word when I showed up at his church . I feel God brought us together, him and I

      • Yes, God brought the two of you together. Your friend sounds like he is on fire for God. Reading the Word and seeking God. Great things to do when you are hungry for more of God. You can also pause, quiet yourself and listen to what God is saying.

      • I need to pause more I feel and listen. Thanks for that !!

      • Yes!!!

  3. Thank you Lord!

  4. Amen. One day we will be seated around God’s table in heaven.

    • There is no lack at the table of God. He makes all of us winners!

  5. Amen. We all will be seated around the table of God in heaven one day.

    • God invites us to his banqueting table today. He always provides for us.

  6. Yes Amen!!!!

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