Posted by: Pure Glory | 12/16/2017

Created To Be Loved

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You were created to be loved. Living unloved, is like clipping a bird’s wings. Relationships, at times, can be challenging work. However, religion is too much work.

Yahweh is breaking the legacy of the broken, with the Wholeness of his Glory. So You don’t have to carry, what you’ve carried, anymore. You are free, to be. Free to be the child, and whole person, you were never allowed to be. You are worthy, to be loved. You were created to be loved.

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  1. And in God’s image , His sons.

    • Sons of God have close relationship with Daddy God!

      • Yep I love it !!!!!!

  2. Amen!!!!🙌

    • Yes, to God’s incredible love!

  3. True that we were created to be loved by the lord

  4. Yes God is breaking the cycle of the broken!
    It’s time we start believing God for bigger and better things. Like having the ability to love the unlovable.

    • Yes!!! Loving with the love of Christ.

  5. Thank You, for creating a way for us to experience and rest in Your love. Amen

  6. Love the picture and the word, too!

    • Praise God! You are welcome!

  7. I read one line, liked it, and followed your blog. You have an amazing “voice”. I look forward to reading your work…& finishing reading this post! I can already tell its amazing.

  8. Please help us trust You and open our hearts to accept You, Father

    • My love draws you to me! Amen!

  9. A powerful message for all seeking the Love of Christ that surpasses all understanding.

    • Praise God for the Love of Christ!

  10. I am sooo thankful for God’s Love; without it I could not go on.

  11. Amen!

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