Posted by: Pure Glory | 11/04/2017

The Pure Love Of God

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

There is a love, so strong, that will cause you to smile, in light of rejection. There is a love, so fierce, that will irresistibly reduce your will, to tears. There is a love, so potent, that will drive you to love those whom don’t love you, to love the unloving. Yes, there is a love, incomprehensible, no matter what you do, it changes you.

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  2. And his banner over us is love! Jehovah Nissi. I have missed the posts from Hazel. I hope all is well!


    • Yes, the love of Jehovah is our banner! His love changes everything! Hazel is doing well. She will be posting in the future. Thank you!

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  3. Help me to love like that, Lord.

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  4. Yes! The love of God once felt like an impossible gift, one I could never hope to receive; when I finally understood it was mine to have, not “deserved” or “earned”, I wept, and my heart is still soaked in those tears of joy.

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    • Thanks for sharing Robin. What a powerful testimony to the wonderful gift of God’s love!

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  5. Amen, praise the Lord Jesus!


  6. Yes!


  7. Agape love! Let it well up in me more and more Lord.


  8. Amen! This perfect Love is what gives us our freedom! This perfect Love stops all evil in its tracts. He lets us be able to forgive, to see through the darkness and exhort the light in others, to walk apart from what is binding and tainting, to be taught what is good and pure. Beautiful words!

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    • Praise God for his perfect Love! He makes all the difference in our lives. Thank you!


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