Posted by: Pure Glory | 10/22/2017

Requirement For Your Forgivenness

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

The Lord spoke to me this morning, “Cover the land with forgiveness. Forgive, if you don’t forgive others, I will not forgive you. Release them from your judgment, (whether wrong or right, intentional or unintentional) and let God be the Judge. Forgive and release them from your judgment and ask for God’s cleansing, by the blood of the Lamb.”

“If we God’s people, will humble ourselves, seek His face and not his hand, repent of all our wicked ways, every spirit of wickedness. Then Yahweh promised he would listen with an intent to do something about it, forgive us of our sin, and heal (cure, repair, and make whole) our land.”

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  1. Sometimes so hard (our pride gets in the way), and sometimes I am so blind to my need to forgive! Father forgive my hardened heart, in Jesus, amen.

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  2. Lord, bring into remembrance those things we need to forgive.


  3. He separates the wheat from the chaff….


  4. Amen Lord!


  5. This is so timely. My mother is so negative, judgmental, and controlling that I need to forgive her constantly. 7×70. The person who I’ve had trouble forgiving, is my niece. I believe I have found victory but need to check often. She came when my mother was in the hospital and was very passionate about me needing hand controls that started a wave of conversation within my family that almost continues daily about how I needed to hurry up and get the hand controls. The process in the works, but my mother thinks life works instantly and continues to bring up how it needs to happen immediately. I’ve been waiting for financial assistance and I have been very pleased that I will be getting some. I go to driver training on M, T then take the test at DMV on the 30th. So we are moving forward! Sorry for the long response! 😊😊

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  6. God is definitely speaking to us about forgiveness! We just recently went through a course about forgiveness (forgiving and releasing) and ever since taking the course, I have been getting confirmation after confirmation about it. Every movie I watch on Pureflix has to do with forgiveness and I keep hearing messages and seeing posts about forgiveness. God is speaking to His people! He is sending out a message that we all need to forgive and release so that we can be healed and set free!

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  7. So true. This msg was preached in Church today! We really need to forgive others. 🙏💯

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