Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/22/2017

It’s A New Season!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

It’s a new season! A new day! A new beginning! A new shift. A new way of doing things! A new dedication of your life to the Lord. Shanah Tovah Umetukah, which means have a good and sweet year!

We decree blessings, glory, honor, dominion, and the power of Christ, be increased upon your life. I decree that you will be blessed with new and more effective ways of doing and accomplishing things. Divine access granted. Where you were denied before, you will be accepted now. Doors that were closed, are now open, says the Spirit of the Lord. Walk through the new door, I am opening for you, with confidence and total reliance, on Me.

You will walk in greater victory, over your enemies of the past. There is a new authority from heaven, landing on My People, today! A fresh wineskin of My Presence. I am writing new volumes of revelation on the tablets of your heart.

Take time today, to mediate on the goodness, provision, and faithfulness of Me, your God. You will see your ends meeting, for your lines have gone throughout the earth and have fallen in pleasant places. You will see your needs met, by El Shaddai, and the riches of My Glory! You will see great tangible manifestation and experience great, supernatural victory.

There is more grace upon you now, to pass the tests, this time. I place a new light of expectancy, in the eyes of your heart. For I am overcoming your darkness, with My Light. The enemy will fail, trying to stop you, because I am motivating you, I am funding you, and I am bringing you, into your promised land. You are no longer walking or living under generational and ancestral curses of the past. You are living in abundant blessings, and open doors of heaven, over your life.

Greater signs, wonders, and miracles, are still to be done. Yes, greater, and even greater than before, is still to come. For My people, who are called by My Name, for My Purpose, whom have humbled themselves, turned from their wicked ways, left their idols behind, to seek My Face and My Heart. Now, I am responding from heaven, I have forgiven their sins, and am healing their land. FOR I AM MAKING YOUR BITTER, SWEET, and YOUR WORSE, BETTER THAN GOOD! LIVE your best Life, your SWEET LIFE, NOW!!!!! Prime Time!

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  1. Yes and amen!


  2. HalleluYAH, halleluYAH, h a l l e l u Y A H !

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  3. How beautiful! Thank you for this word was used as confirmation of a new season of ministry for me. I felt this calling through a variety of God-ordained circumstances and people, but I did not have the words to bring this Holy message forth in tangibility until I read your post. This picture reminds me of my Jewish friend who gifted me with apples and honey one day many years ago. Thank you for writing and sharing, “Shanah Tovah Umetukah, which means have a good and sweet year.” Peace to you!🙏❤️

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  4. ❤️🎆➕🎆❤️


  5. Beautifully expressed, thank you.


  6. Amen! May it be an awesome one for us all.


  7. Amen, I receive it!


  8. Yes, thank you.


    • You’re welcome! Enjoy the new season!


  9. Yes! Hallelujah! I receive this word! I love it when confirmations come!

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    • Yes! God confirms his Word. Enjoy the new season!


  10. Amen!! I receive that. That was such a blessing, thank you for your prophetic voice…God is so good.

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    • You are welcome! Enjoy the new season!


  11. I am sensing this truth in my life right now. Pray for the fullness of that reality to be realized in my heart as I am still healing.

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    • Yes prayers for your complete healing! It is a new season and transition can be messy but the outcome is awesome!


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