Posted by: Pure Glory | 06/10/2017

The Year Of The Suddenly!

by Stisanina Osborne

This is the year that God is doing new things, in people’s lives that causes change. This is the year of the suddenly. It is happening quickly, a quick work. This is the year of resurrection. God is restoring and resurrecting families. This is the year, the body of Christ is breaking through, quickly.

This is year, where the body of Christ needs to take their place and do what he is telling them, to do. He is using people in different ways. This is the season to take your place and to do it! No more waiting.

Christ is pouring out his Spirit. Get in His presence, where breakthrough happens, in the glory.

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  1. AMEN!!!! Yes I totally am believing the same this year.

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  2. Amen!!!
    Work your salvation with fear and trembling!!

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    • Yes. Listen to the the Word of God and do it! Christ is breaking through!

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  3. Praise the Lord!


  4. Amen! I feel it!!!


    • Praise God! You are about to to experience the sudden fly in your life.

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  5. YES!!!!

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  6. And suddenly!!!! Praise God!!!

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  7. 100% on point. We felt this powerful energy
    coming through even before the new year.

    It is very powerful, direct, & unstoppable.
    In all the confusion we must protect, educate,
    & support each other & especially the younger
    generation that is coming up, they see this
    world in a way that was not afforded to us,
    these children are tuned into the universal
    consciousness, they are highly intuitive &
    blessed souls, ignore the endless politics &
    give these children our full attention & support.

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    • Praise God! And suddenly promises are fulfilled. The young generation will take their ordained place as very powerful for God.


      • It was a blessing to come through during this time,
        we all get to see, feel & experience so much!

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  8. That’s what I’ve been hearing.

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  9. I’m just trying to get my footing, but I feel God’s Love has got my back. Thank you!

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