Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/12/2017


by Hazel Straub

The seasons are changing. In Alaska, the snow that has remained on the ground for seven months, is melting, creating mud and puddles. The thawing of the land called breakup is dirty and messy. The rivers that were frozen will soon have the ice melt and the rivers will flow with breakthrough.

Change happens first in the physical and then in the spiritual. Get ready for breakthrough, with rapid change, to occur in your life. The long season of winter and with its challenges and hardships is rapidly coming to an end. Don’t focus on the mud and the mess. Be quick to listen and obey the voice of God, as he directs you. You will see his promises to you fulfilled, when you respond to his leading.

Rest in Jesus and enjoy the new season!

But it is not the spiritual life which came first, but the physical and then the spiritual. (1 Corinthians 15:46 AMPC)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your walk of faith and this reminder about being spiritually ready for change. The closer we remain to God in prayer, the more equipped we will be.

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    • Yes, change and transition is much easier when we keep close to God in prayer. Thank you 😊 for your encouragement. It is appreciated.


  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful messages of God’s faithfulness and love!
    seven months of snow on the ground! whoa!
    I had an open vision once of flying over frozen, snowy, barren land and speaking life and blessing to it; seeing a beautiful, white, full, mature blossom coming to my spiritual eyes! I speak life and blessing to all of America and the whole earth! Arise and shine with the light of Christ! Be resurrected into his image and likeness! “Peace on earth and good will toward men!” “I bring you good tidings of great Joy!” Come alive in Christ! “Live like your Loved, walk like your free!” “You make me come alive…its like living for the first time!” We love and thank you Abba Father! We say yes!

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    • Yes, winter is our main event. You’re welcome! America is receiving the blessing of change and blossoming and productive life.!

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  3. Amen. I’ve always believed the spiritual controls the physical, but now I see in that Adam came as flesh – living being and Christ came as life-giving spirit. Thanks.

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  4. It’s easy to get lost in the ‘mud’, believing in faith definitley guides you through the murkiness! 🙂

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    • Yes, it is so easy to look at the mud rather than living by faith!

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  5. Amen. This is just what I needed this morning! God bless and keep you in perfect peace!

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    • Praise God for the timely message. Thank you for the blessing. May you, Cindy, see breakthrough in spite of the mud and messiness! Blessings!


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