Posted by: Pure Glory | 03/21/2017

By Invitation Only

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You are too good, and too loved to live like you’re not. You’re too valuable to think, you’re not valued. You are more precious than gold, more costly than the largest Tiffany diamond, in the world.

You were created, designed, and fashioned by God, in his image and in his likeness. You are perfect. Quit looking from without, in lieu of seeing what Yahweh has placed within, “You.”

Quit trying so hard, to earn or receive what Yahweh has already given you, freely. You are an original, walk in the original image and pattern of grace, He placed, upon your life. Free yourself, to be yourself. Come out of the seduction, of self-inadequacy.

Come into the divine production and masterful creativity of being, “You.” You are so loved, so honored, and so treasured. Accept Yahweh’s love for you as Truth. Believe in Him, believe in yourself, because the Father believes in “You”. Nothing can stand or come against the pure Holy Sovereign Love, the Father has for “You.”

The Lord is embracing, hugging you to himself. He is strong 💪 arming the enemies of your soul, and past. Look 👀 up to Him, look 👀 to Him, for he is your Source, your Life, your comfort, your peace and everything. No need to fear, for Jehovah Shammah is with You. No need to fret for he is with you, Emmanuel. He is bowed down on bended knee to bless you, bliss you, kiss 😘 you with the abundance of His grace, mercy, and peace.

I feel the LORD’s love ❤️ his heart ❤️ for you. Ministering spirits, from his throne and ministering angels are close to you and coming closer. The Lord is tender towards you, ask what you will, his heart ❤️ is to fulfill your heart’s desire.

No more backtracking but progressing and looking forward to what’s ahead. Greater things ahead for you. Love, perfect love, pure love, heaven is dropping rain ☔️ drops 💧 of love ❤️ all over You! Each drop has enough healing, to last you, for eternity.

Let go of your self-shields, self-will, and self-protection, and allow Me to protect and defend you, says the Lord. You don’t need an umbrella 🌂 or a raincoat, let me drench you, saturate you and satiate you, with the wonders of My Presence and My Love 😍.

Saturation is what you need. Run, flee, escape, to My presence, says the Lord. My children become dry, brittle, hard, and stubbornly insensitive to the rivers and flows, of my Presence, when living out of the waters, of My presence, in this dry dying world 🌎.

Come, Rest, Beyond the veil, under My wings, to the special place I’ve created just for “You.”

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  1. Thank you again for this confirming word! In prayer this morning I talked to the Lord about my desire for Hos presence. I thanked him for all he has done, and that his presence is mist important to me. I want to be saturated on his presence.

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    • Praise God! In the Lord’s presence is the fullness of joy.


  2. What beautiful and reassuring words to wake up and read first thing in the morning! Such an amazing depiction of His love for us! Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Wonderful truths to bathe in this morning!

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  4. These words affirm what the Lord spoke to me during prayer with Him and so much of what I have been sensing lately- His love for me just as I am. He is covering me, I am hidden in his blood and accepted because of Him. When I asked him what needed to be healed in me, he reminded me of the pervasive and subtle feelings of inadequacy, feelings of shame and guilt and constant judgement that was rooted in me from my childhood. He asked me to let go of it and to envision Him smoothing out the wrinkles in my hands because of holding so tight to that way of thinking and being for so long. He asked that from now on, when I want to judge myself, to see Him instead of my actions- His beautiful, white robes surrounding me with his light and love. Freedom in Christ! Thank you for letting God speak through you. These words are so beautiful and powerful. Thank you!

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    • You’re welcome! Thank you for sharing.


  5. Reblogged this on faithmoveleap and commented:
    I so needed this, I think we all do, no matter what our station, situation, or place.

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    • Thank you for the reblog. Blessings with the King!

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      • No problem! It was a great reminder and right on time. It was a great write and straight to the heart too. So much grace and truth.

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      • Glad it blessed you.


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