Posted by: Pure Glory | 02/23/2017

We Have Shifted!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

In case you haven’t noticed, WE HAVE SHIFTED. When Yahweh presses the shift key, on you, he causes you to put something or someone aside. He replaces it with something or someone else. He supernaturally transfers you from one place, position, or realm to another. He changes your gears and now you can go further and faster because of the apostolic acceleration.

Yahweh even shifts your spiritual apparel, he increases your spiritual authority and abundant increase of the FAVOR OF GOD, on your life.

In the natural, shift – the key on the typewriter keyboard that shifts from lower-case letters to upper-case letters. In the prophetic realm, shift – Yahweh says, for those of you whom have learned how to be abased, now it’s time for you to LEARN HOW TO ABOUND! Now, in order to shift from implosion to explosion you must MOVE.

Yahweh is waiting on us, quit waiting on the money/for every detail to be right, just remain focused on the RESULTS and start preparing by faith. If you MOVE, Heaven will MOVE WITH & towards you. I repeat, YOU HAVE Shifted! This is not a local or normal shift, ***THIS IS A GLOBAL SHIFT OF FINALITY***

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  1. Lord Jesus I receive Your shift have your way. Amen

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  2. Yes and amen

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  3. I have been shifted to teaching a Bible study in my new church. I’m really excited about it! The name of it will be prayer in the battle. I’ll be using the book of Nehemiah mostly. I also gives him historical context from Ezra, and weaponry from the Holy Spirit from Ephesian 6. Would appreciate prayers!

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  4. Just what I needed to hear! Thanks💜


  5. Amen! I accept the shift Lord. 🙂


  6. Amen! I’ve known that this season holds many shifts and I see them coming fast! BIG things are happening with the Body of Christ right now! Praise You JESUS!

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