Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/29/2017

Your Joy Is Here!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You don’t have to seek for a move of God, you are the next move of God, in the earth. Quit admiring and studying everyone else’s anointing. Become one, with the anointing, Yahweh has placed over your life.

There is more in you, than what you’re walking, in now.  Be loosed and unlocked. I unlock every gift the Holy Spirit has placed in you this day. I speak resurrection power and anointing, to every dream, he impregnated you with.

You are being born again of a new spirit, in Christ today. Heaven’s floodgates are opened over your life. The morning has broken over you, your weeping has ended, your joy is here. Joy is here!

The New wine of heaven is flowing, through you now. It’s morning time, In your spirit. The fresh dew of heaven is on your heart. It’s all over, because it’s morning time, now. I see the sun rising and the gentle breeze of his Holy Spirit brooding over you, amid your dreams.

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of The Lord has risen upon you this day! Be one with your Lord and Savior, who gives only the best for you, through you, and to you.

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  1. Oh yes! It is an intentional remembering,

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  2. Amen.


  3. We are the move of God! May this truth set us free!!!

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    • Yes! God made us each unique for his glory!


  4. I just now had an opportunity to read this post, and it came so alive to me. That was particularly special because today is my birthday, and I felt the Lord was speaking this word into this whole new year of my life. And just last night at a church meeting, I was saying that we need to recognize that so many of God’s powerfully anointed vessels from the last generation are gone onto their rewards, and WE are His powerfully anointed vessels for today. We have to stop looking back and BE God’s power and love right now. Thanks for the great encouragement.

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    • Happy birthday, Sister Sandra! 🎉👑🥁This year you will see yourself as a powerful God anointed vessel to do great exploits for the Lord! You will fulfill your destiny! Blessings!


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