Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/19/2017

Defeat Or Triumph?

by Hazel Straub

Has this season been difficult and tough? Here in Alaska, it is -45 degrees Fahrenheit (-43 C) with a low of -51 F (-46 C), anticipated tonight. We could complain about the weather or focus on other things. This is a temporary condition, not permanent. Normal life continues despite the weather.

Where we put our focus, defines who we become. Every problem gives you a chance for a promotion. One can thank God for life, the beauty of the snow-covered trees, adversity causing strangers to help one another, and thankfulness because God is our refuge and strength.

Difficult times can cause one to embrace bitterness and discontentment or surrender to God, get better and praise God! Have another thought. Praising God for his goodness, brings his presence and strength. No longer held captive by shifting circumstances, but we rejoice because God is with us, strengthens us and helps us triumph!

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  1. Amen circumstances will change but he is at perfect peace whose mind remains focused on God.

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    • Yes! God gives peace and stability through his love, light and life, to us!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your walk of faith and this wonderful reminder!

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  3. Thanks for the encouragement through this perspective!

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    • You’re welcome! Praying God for his goodness!


  4. May God send us the Holy Spirit through Jesus to melt those frozen icicles and bring the warmth and love of Salvation. Amen.


    • Amen! God is turning hearts back to him, baptizing them in the Holy Spirit and fire. He is doing it!

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  5. – 45 degrees Fahrenheit? I can’t even imagine! but I so relate and resonate with focusing on God, beholding his glory that changes everything on the inside, so that in the midst of whatever is going on externally, we are safe, secure, loved, cherished, honored and precious in God’s sight which makes life a watered garden paradise despite external circumstances!!!!!!! What God thinks about us is the ONLY thing that matters! and when it sinks in we are changed forever!

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    • Yes, God’s love sustains us. The more we lean on and trust God, the more his light, love and life shine through us!

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  6. I enjoy your succinct and impactful posts. Focus is key.

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