Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/04/2017

Embrace Your Worth

It's Time To Embrace Yourselfby Apostle Gabriel Cross

Sometimes it takes many years, for individuals, to realize what they were looking for in others, they actually had within themselves, all along. How they were trying to submit to someone who was less mature than them. How they were compromising who they were, to only fulfill whom someone else was.

Stop underestimating your value, and start embracing your superlative worth. Unwrap yourself today, You are the gift 🎁.

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  1. Good word!

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    • Praise God! Embrace and celebrate yourself!


  2. A word for me!

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  3. Great word of confirmation. I don’t have to settle for anything less than the worthiness in me. It’s a great thing to know who you are and to whom you belong. CONTENTMENT!!! Thanks for the word.

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    • Praise God for confirmation and knowing your identity! No settling for less than the best!


  4. Loved this Pooh image and completely agree with the message

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    • 🙂 Have fun as you embrace yourself!


  5. I think we could all use some of this.

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    • Yes! We sell need to accept and celebrate ourselves!


  6. Moving and motivating. We should keep this in mind everyday to live a worthy life full with positive feelings. Thank you for this post! 🙂

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  7. It is nice to press it but you failed to make it clear that it was written by Apostle Gabriel Cross at pure Someone looking at the page would not know this. Everyone does not press links. Please correct this and embrace Apostle Cross’ work!


  8. Reblogged this on emotionalpeace.

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  9. Loving pooh happy dance.

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  10. Perfect.

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