Posted by: Pure Glory | 11/24/2016

Resurrection Life Of Christ For You

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I speak the resurrecting life of Jesus Christ, into the depths of your spirit. I break open the depths of your spirit, for the deep of HIS SPIRIT. Yahweh is wooing you and calling you to the place of rest, underneath his wings.

Trust in his Trust, Rest in his Rest, and Be Loved by his Love! For he is wrapping his arms around you, never to refrain. He is blissfully blessing and kissing you with peace. He is causing you to experience divine moments steeped in his favor.

Jehovah is speaking, on your behalf today, making noise in the ears of your enemies, and working the unfavorable, in your favor. The Holy Spirit is ushering you to a deeper place of intimacy with Him. Freedom rings in your weak and shackled places.

The Fire of His love, melts and disintegrates the walls within. Healing flows to your hurt and wounded areas. Grace supernaturally energizes you and gives you supernatural ability to do what you can’t do on your own.

Be still and know that He is God. Still yourself, quiet yourself, rest your mind, and listen. As His presence stills and calms your soul, like the wind blowing through the trees, like the water flowing as the streams, and like the birds singing sweetly and effervescently.

Yahweh says, “I have the answers, simply take time to listen. I have so much to reveal, if only you be still. Know that I’m on your side and will never let you go. I will cause there to be a clear way and a free flow. You have the unction of the Holy One, who gives you the ability to know all things. Come, cry out to Me, and I will show you great and mighty things, things you’ve never dreamed, things you’ve never seen…I desire to do greater than greater for you, because
I love you,”

Your Daddy God

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  1. Thank you for the blessing this morning. Powerful, and really hit home. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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    • Abundant Thanksgiving blessings, Pete!


  2. Abba! Father!

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  3. That photo really speaks.

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    • Yes, the Lord wants to shelter us, as we seek refuge with him.


  4. Thank you.

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