Posted by: Pure Glory | 10/27/2016

Loosed From The Past

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

God is shaking us loose, from incessant weights that have held us down in the past. Be Loosed!

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  1. I’ve been praying a lot for the Lord to shake me loose from weights that I have allowed to hang onto me, and this year, I have actually experienced a good deal of that loosening. I praise the Lord for it and pray that it continues.

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    • Yes, God is loosening you from the past. It is the season to get rid of the whole load.


  2. He shakes us until there is nothing left to shake! All of Adamic inheritance is shaken away, leaving only the inheritance of Christ in us! Rejoicing! Praising! Thanking! Worshiping the King of glory! Thank you Abba Father!

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  3. He shakes me, frees me & lead me to the place He wants me to be,, a safe place domestic violence free. I love knowing that He will never give up on me.

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  4. Amen! I refuse to be bound, held back or enslaved to the past or anything or anyone of my past, especially if God has detached and disconnected me from the thing, person, or place. We, as people have to know how to let go even when it may hurt because in the end, it will be for our ultimate good. I think where most people mess up is when they mix a friendship with an assignment. I do understand that there are some people who may not know the difference. I too have been guilty of that, so now God is teaching me when l meet people to pray, and ask Him what is my assignment or purpose in a person’s life and what is their assignment or purpose in mine, so that l may stay focused on the assignment, and not the person.

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    • Yes, when we let go of hurts, toxicity and even good things that have become idols, a heavy burden gets lifted. We are open to the Lord’s leading and have room to receive from God today, when we let it go.

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