Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/27/2016

Freedom From Captivity To Wounds

by Apostle Gabriel Cross


I had a prophetic vision of a heart breaking and bursting forth, out of these huge clutches (representing the enemy).

God is breaking you out of the clutches of your past. The places where you were held captive in your mind. (God is giving you freeing thoughts.) The places in your emotions that were raped by the enemy. (God is healing the memories.) A breaking out of the mold or box that the enemy formed for you. (God is loosing you into destiny.)

The spirit of Pharoah has been broken over you, you will complete the tasks, you will fulfill the call, and you will go further than your past. The sweet oil of my presence is healing what words can’t convey. I am the Heart-Changer, and I’m causing your heart to break out of walls of trauma, walls of fear, walls of hurt, walls of deception, and walls of the past. Breakout into Freedom.

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  1. Thank you, my Brother in Christ, you timely post matches the victory, by faith, in my spirit this morning! Praise The Lord! Abundant blessings as you enjoy your day (smile)

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    • To God be all the glory for victory! Abundant life, joy and blessings beyond your imagination to you, Ann.

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  2. Amen.

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  3. Amen, I believe this is a word for someone out there. Thank you for sharing it. We have to use our Blog life in whichever way God leads us -so being sensitive and responding to his leading is key God bless Deborah

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  4. Amen & Praise Him! Our chain-breaker, our Deliverer, never fails. What a mighty loving God. Thank you for sharing this great blessing!

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    • Hallelujah! There is none like our God. He sent his Son to do what we can’t do for ourselves. His love endures forever.

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  5. What a powerful and delivering word. I definitely receive it. Thank you for being faithful to share.

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    • Praise God for his mercy and great grace! So good to know you received it. Blessings of more freedom.


  6. Oh yes! He is true and trustworthy! Freedom!!

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    • There’s no better Father than God! He loves us so much and sets us free.

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  7. Thank God that he is our Heart Changer! Holy Spirit is speaking to all of us, to let him heal our heart wounds so we won’t have a place for the enemy , to steal our freedom. He has set us free to enjoy Abundant LLife!


  8. Just stumbled across this as confirmation, God bless !

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