Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/03/2016

Mercy As Worship

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

What can I give God that he doesn’t already have?

According to Hosea 6:6 “Mercy” …I desire mercy not sacrifice… mercy to us and each other. When we release mercy to someone else, God sees that as “worship.

(Matthew 9:12-14; 12:5-8; Romans 12:1-3 Message) Embrace what God has done for you, (mercy) releasing mercy to someone else is the best thing you can do for Him.

Present your life, every-day work, and endeavors as an offering to God. Give mercy to others like God gives mercy to you. Fix your attention on God and you’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you and quickly respond to it. Mercy brings the best out of you and others.

Mercy brings people to repentance; that haven’t. Mercy obliterates pride. Mercy melts mountains. Mercy tenderizes our hearts.

Mercy knows wrong with interceding. Mercy is telling the truth. Mercy releases the miraculous. Mercy forgives and acts as if it never happened. Mercy doesn’t keep a record of wrongs suffered. Mercy supersedes the past. Mercy heals.

Mercy sustains, uplifts, and holds us up. Mercy erases sins and deals with its effects on our hearts. Mercy speeds things us. Mercy releases judgment; not against people but against demonic influences in them. Mercy births favor. God isn’t simply merciful He is mercy.

Restlessness comes from doing what God is supposed to do. Doing everything, doing too much, over exertion; trying to make things happen instead of allowing God to. Mercy on yourself today…

Sometimes when God ordains it, doing nothing is doing something. You’re doing what God told you to do…that’s all that matters.

If you want people to have mercy on your past or past actions,
Quit remembering other people by their past or past actions.

Regardless, to members of your family, whom could be mingling with some person(s) who may or may not be good influences or you don’t necessarily approve of them. Note this, “God is taking care of every thing!” God has them; like he had and has you as well. Mercy. God can change things in one moment!

So go ahead, release Mercy, on the teller at the bank, the co-worker on the job, the one who wronged you or on yourself for whom you wronged, have mercy on God’s church, your city, your family, the waiter or waitress at the restaurant, yes and on everyone that hurt you. Do not only worship, but become worship by having mercy on the one who may never say they’re sorry or who may be acting oblivious to what they’ve done that was wrong; mercy…

Mercy, release it over your abuser, your accusers, your Judas’ and do it quickly.

But most of all Release MERCY OVER YOURSELF! Mercy Me, thanks Daddy for releasing the revelation to me and our ministries. I will always root for you and sing of your Mercy all the Days of My LIFE.

Hey! Fellow Believers — friends, family, and enemies (who are still my friends but don’t know it yet) — Miracles upon Miracles of Mercy are your portion.

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  1. Mercy is grace extended. And grace is the gift, the very seed of His Holy Spirit planted into the heart of man. And grace nurtured in Faith, watered and fed by the decay and death of that old man that serves as the fertilizer laid around that once barren and fruitless tree, sees new life as His glory begins to grow and shine in the new creation that is taking place, as we are being reconciled to be more and more like Christ, as we keep our eyes on our prize and portion and press on towards the upward call of Jesus Christ. Yes, without mercy extended, we might not have known hope. Thank you, Jesus, for showing us mercy, teaching us mercy, and sending us out to share your mercy with a world in need of hope.

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    • Hallelujah for God’s mercy through his only begotten son, Jesus!


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