Posted by: Pure Glory | 03/12/2016

True Fathers Needed

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Where is the father, the precursor of greater generational blessings to come,
Who exterminates curses of illegitimacy and the absentee fathering syndrome?

Where is the father, the prototype of the heart of God, in man,
Who protects, provides, and sincerely, does whatever he can?
Where is the father, who waits expectantly for the return of the prodigal son?

Ultimately, when the son’s in dire need, the father’s love overcomes.
Where is the father whom like Jesus, really wants his son to exceed him,
Who is not intimidated by what his son is carrying, even if it is greater than him?

Where is the father who is not raising his son as a clone, homogeneous to himself,
But imparting a greater confidence and greater grace to help his son identify himself?
Where is the father like Paul, who sends his son, to represent him and minister in his place?
In lieu of having him idly observe and listen to his ministry feats, ignoring the development of his son’s grace and traits.

Where is the father like God who says, “You are my beloved “Son”, in whom I am well pleased?”
Who will walk with his son wrong or right when it’s not convenient despite his weaknesses or his needs.
Where is the father who will not procreate a son, abandoning him paternally to society and his mother,
But will cultivate, inculcate, and urge his son to go even further?

Where is the father, who thinks transgenerational, leaving an inheritance for his son,
Not only ordinational, with a word or two, no finances, and they’re done?
Where is the father who brings reformation and affirmation to fatherless generations?
Thus raising up young men to become good fathers saving many nations.

Where are fathers, who are breaking generational fatherlessness,
Cultivating true sonship covenant in godly relational fruitfulness?
A true father can not only hear the Father, but he can hear his son as well.
A true son will endure correction yielding the peaceable fruits of righteousness to avail.

We need the Holy Spirit of the Father, to teach us how to father with his heart,
Together and in part.

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  1. Yes! Amen!

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  2. beautifully said…


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