Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/08/2016

Embracing You

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Your understanding yourself is the first step to embracing who you really are.
Your greatest deception is not that you’re perfect, but that God didn’t make you perfect, and believing it…quit rejecting whom God created, “You”

The greatest war is not occurring externally but inwardly, you against “You.”
Refuse being refused, cast out being an outcast, and dismiss being dismissed by accepting being accepted, embracing being embraced, and loving being loved.

Stop allowing the enemy to handicap your emotions, in fear of discovering “You.”
The enemy works hard at trying to make us reject what God has accepted,
Therefore, Discard as useless everything he sends your way by accepting you, God has…

The enemy desires to shame you for your weaknesses, the Father desires “You” to explore them.
The enemy uses the bad things you’ve done or experienced to destroy you; God uses them as exploits for “You.”
The more you know who you really are, the less the enemy can attack you with who you are not.

The Father turns your nightmares into sweet dreams, your tormenting fears into horrendous courage, and your liabilities into opportunities for his glory.
The Father makes your faith become visible and your fate, inevitable.
The Father will never end your story without bringing you back to his glory.

The Father reveals you and the things that belong to you.
The Father’s vision is perfect, when he looks at you he sees the truth, your vision is imperfect when you look at you, you see the lies, exchange your vision for his.
The Father has placed so much more within you, than the enemy could ever try to steal from you

You are not your history but “You” are the future growing better everyday.
You will never be better than what you think you are.
For the word says, “As a man thinks, so is he…”

Think about this; God made “You” in his image and in his likeness giving you dominion over ALL the earth, that includes “You”
You are better than the bitter, you are stronger when you’re weak, and you’re wiser knowing the truth.
The truth is you’re bound to fail endeavoring copy someone else, but you are “success waiting to inspire the world” simply being, “You.”

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  1. Wonderful message. Wouldn’t hurt to read this one at least two or three times.

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  2. Thanks. I desperately needed to read this… Now, to take it to heart. 😊

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    • Holy Spirit make the truth of this post penetrate her heart and become truth in the inner being, Hallelujah!


  3. Powerful message! Love this, “Refuse being refused, cast out being an outcast, and dismiss being dismissed by accepting being accepted, embracing being embraced, and loving being loved.” Amen!!

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