Posted by: Pure Glory | 12/19/2015

Worship God With Newness

Worshipby Apostle Gabriel Cross

I’m stirring the giftings and graces, of the Holy Spirit, in you. I’m calling you. I’m placing you, where no flesh can hinder you. I’m crowning you with breakthrough, deliverance, and glory, which are all a part of my love. That which has held you back, discouraged you, designed to bury you and snuff you out, is only going to propel you and impel you into greater glory, greater power, and greater authority.

Look up, look up to me, and all my glory! I have not forgotten you, nor will I forget you. I will cause you to rise, with new wings of faith. I will cause you to soar, in greater depths of my love.

Those things that you have put before me, held as sacred, and used with pride, lay them down. Every idol, every way of idolatry, every false way, every striving way of the flesh.

I am here to comfort you. I am here to heal you. I am here to restore all that you’ve lost and all that you think you’ve lost. It is my desire to crown you with glory. Be free, from yourself. Be free, from your fears. Be free, from your own routine of worship, and worship me with a new heart, and a new desire. I desire your worship, I desire you.

I dismantle you from the old and mantle you with the new. I am all that I said, I am and I will be all that you need me to be and so much more. New freedom, new freedom, new freedom, new freedom. Higher realms, higher realms, higher realms, access granted. I release you in your spirit, your soul, your body, your family, your relationships, your finances, your occupations, yes, your God-ordained destiny!

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  1. Praise God! Thank you!

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    Praise God! Love this Word from Pure Glory today!

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  3. A powerful affirmation in the Spirit! Blessings!!!

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