Posted by: Pure Glory | 03/26/2015

Spirit Of Division

The Enemy vs. The Inner Me  by Duy Huynh 2011by Apostle Gabriel Cross

The Lord has revealed to me, the spirit of self, in the life of many believers, which is the spirit of division.  One is divided against oneself, always second guessing themselves or what God is saying to them. The spirit of division, hinders and retards you or stops you from fulfilling God’s Vision for your life. Usually, it happens due to the enemy’s deathblow to the mind, through some negative word curse, bad situation, or trauma in the past. This is always a blockage and hindrance to hearing the voice of the Lord. Oftentimes, it makes the person blind or thinking the worse of themselves and the best in others.

For instance, if you’re always hearing the enemy say, “You can’t hear God.” Then the truth is, “You can hear God, and that you’re going to have a greater anointing in that area.”

If you’ve received several prophetic words about the same thing, don’t let it become a reproach or bitter to you, this only means you’re going to have a greater anointing, in that area when it materializes.

In Jesus’ name, I apostolically dissannull and destroy every demonic covenant in your life of self and division, and say to you, your sins are forgiven. Therefore, I stand with the Father and the Son today, and I break the power of self, which is the spirit of division, divided against yourself. Self division will no longer be your portion. But God is giving you His vision, supernatural imagery, mental images, prophetic dreams, and freeing thoughts and Words, that will bring wholeness and healing to your person. Resurrection Power and Revelation Life is flooding your perceptions and entire being. We break the curse of the worse, off your life, (all the way back to Adam and Eve). We decree you the Blessed by the Best in Jesus’ miraculous name. The curses go back to the third and fourth generations, but the blessings go forward for a thousand generations. No more double mindedness but singleness of heart and mind. You are no longer divided against yourself but in agreement and oneness with God and his thoughts concerning you (Jeremiah 29:11-13).

As the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit are one in purpose, I decree and declare YOU ARE ONE IN PURPOSE WITH YOURSELF AND HEAVEN. God’s Unity, is your New Unity.

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a right-on teaching and a powerful word. Blessings on you, brother, for hearing the Lord and sharing.

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    • Praise God! God is blessing you sister! You’re most welcome!


  2. Thank you for sharing this…this is an affirmation of a matter I’ve been praying about.

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    • The Lord is good and brings us revelation in due season. He has heard your cry and answered.


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