Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/10/2015

God Grows Us Throough Difficulties

iuby Hazel Straub

Bad things happen to us and we wonder how anything good can come out of the situation. What the enemy meant for evil, God uses for our good. When things get difficult, we cry out for the help of God because we can’t depend on ourselves. Although it is uncomfortable, this time begins a process of relying more on God and having our roots extended deep into the rich soil of his wonderful love, mercy and grace. Bad habits get sanded, in duress. We find that nothing is impossible, when we put our faith and trust in God. No longer do we rely on the circumstances or what we can see in the natural.

If things had gone well, nothing would have propelled us into accelerated growth. Neither would we have learned that God was more than enough to help us through difficulties. Difficult times grow us into maturity and closer relationship with the Lord.

Thank you Lord Jesus, that we experience things outside of our control and find you walk us, through all difficulties to the other side. Nothing is impossible, when we put our trust in you Lord. Yes, I believe you have me covered, under your wings.

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  1. Well, maybe, but it depends on the trial.

    There are some nights so dark in my life now – dealing with an extremely painful illness they say is terminal – that if God is using them to draw me closer, He’s messed up.

    If you try to earn a horse’s loyalty by making it miserable, you’ll get a rude surprise, along with a horse- shaped scar somewhere painful.

    I believe that He’s as unhappy with things as I am, but that they are the byproduct of a world in which free will is necessary for us to make the choice, with Him or against Him.

    I believe that He hates the need, just as a company-grade officer would hate to send men with whom he’s lived and worked to assault a prepared position, knowing that some would not return. These are, rank permitting – his friends.

    The benefit accrues from my willingness to look beyond the veil of pain and degradation, and see that there is still something good that might be done, to paraphrase Tennyson, befitting a man who strove with God.


    • So sorry about your pain, diagnosis and hardship, Andrew. No matter how difficult, God does turn things together for good who love God and are called according to his purpose. Joseph suffered much, was sold as a slave, was thrown into prison where he spent man years. He learned the culture of Pharaoh in the prison, learned to forgive those who did this to him and went from prison to ruling the nation. Through his suffering, the nation of Israel was saved from famine. Another example is Jesus who suffered much. The enemy thought he had won, but what seemed a victory for the enemy became his demise. But for God… Jesus was raised from the dead, his blood cleanses sinners and puts them in right standing with God. If the enemy had known, he would not have crucified Jesus. What appeared the worse defeat turned into the biggest victory. God and his light, love and life always triumph no matter how it may appear.


  2. Ridden out many storms!


    • It is so good when we come to the other side of the storm!


  3. Needed this encouragement. Thank you, and Amen.

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    • You are welcome! God has your back and is seeing you through it all!

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