Posted by: Pure Glory | 12/31/2014

2015 – A Year To Worship God And Rest

praise_1740c3_webby Hazel Straub

2015 is a year of looking to Yahweh with praise and worship. It is important to keep your eyes lifted up to God, not on the circumstances or what it looks like with natural eyes. Lift up your eyes and get God’s vision and take another look. It is time to perceive from his perspective, with fresh vision. Praise and worship releases Holy Spirit to blow his wind on forgotten dreams and to uncover the wealth God alloted for you. In this new season you will forget the toil of the past, because the goodness of the Lord will overtake you. Seeds planted in the last season will bloom with great abundance and glory.

This is a year of blessings and fulfillment that comes from a place of resting and unity with Jesus. Rest from striving and see God complete that which you have longed for, as you look up worshipping and praising him. Restoration of stolen resources, inheritances and dreams, with abundance of provision is yours. The enemy is defeated with praise and worship, as you keep your eyes focused on the Lord and rest in his love for you.

2 Chronicles 20 describes this year.  Judah (praise) had his enemies threaten to annihilate the nation, while they surrounded him, with well equipped armies. Judah’s leader sought Yahweh for his strategy. He told them not to fear and it was his battle not theirs. In response, the nation of Judah showed no fear, as they raised praise and worship to Yahweh. Their focus was the Lord and they rested. God caused the enemy turn on themselves and kill each other.Judah received the wealth of the enemy and it took three days to gather all the plunder. The keys to victory included placing the focus on the Lord not the enemy, resting in him and open mouths that praised and worshipped him.

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  1. Keep focusing on the Lord – what a great way to begin a new year. Wishing you much love and blessings!


    • It is only in the Lord, that we find peace, life, light and love. Happy New Year! Overflowing love and abundant blessings to you!


  2. A great message. This passage of scripture is one of my all-time favorites, and I have leaned heavily on it many times. Thank you for the encouraging prophecy, Sister Hazel. I am determined to focus on resting and being much more aware of God inside me this year.


    • Nothing is impossible, Sister Sandra, when we put our trust and worship in God. It is amazing what happens when we rest in Jesus rather than striving . It is easy and restful. Happy New Year!


  3. Yes! Thank you.


    • You’re welcome, Cate! Blessings of worshippping God and rest in the new year.

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