Posted by: Pure Glory | 07/31/2014

The Lord Is Our Destiny Mender

imagesby Apostle Gabriel Cross

The Lord has massaged our spiritual muscles, where we have battled. He has released all the tension, all the stress and all the frustration. He has released us from worrying and focusing on the details. I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, “Focus on the results, not the details.” The Lord says, “No more arriving to details but you are going to arrive to the results. You are going to arrive to your destiny.You are going to reside to that expected end.”

The Lord gave me an example of how many, many times we will say, “God give us a word or a desire.” As we pursue that desire, goal, dream, vision or whatever the Lord has given or spoken to us, we start thinking. “I need this, I need money for that. How will I do that?”

God says, “I am wiping and massaging away from you the focus on the details. No more focus on the details. You stay focused on the results, the expected end, the dream, the goal that I have placed within you. Keep your eyes on the prize, the mark, the high calling of Christ Jesus. Do not be religious because I have given you these goals. I have given you these dreams. It is okay for you to be focusing on what I gave you because it is me.”

The Lord reminded me that we need to let go of some religious clichés. There is one we have overplayed and overrated: “It is not about you, it is not about us.” But the Lord said, “Jesus died for you.” Jesus died for who? He died for us. This means you are of great importance and special to the Father. Your concerns are the Father’s concerns. The Lord is serious about your destiny. The Lord is serious about our destiny! He is the destiny mender.

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  1. This is a good word — and an important one. I know, for myself personally, there have been so many battles trying to push my God-ordained destiny off course that I have had a hard time staying focused on Him rather than the battles. But focusing on Him as the “mender of our destiny” is a good strategy. Thanks for the encouraging word.


    • Yes, keeping Jesus as the focus, rather than the battles makes everything go so much better! You’re welcome,Sister Sandra.


  2. My every moment is in His hands – and there is no better place.


  3. Beautiful! Praise the Lord!


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