Posted by: Pure Glory | 07/05/2014

It’s Your Time Not Your Turn

imagesby Apostle Gabriel Cross

My friend, God says, “It’s not your turn, but it’s your time.” A turn can be taken from you.
When it’s your turn, someone can break line in front of you and take it from you. When it is your turn, it’s predicated on your abilities, skills, resources, and what you can see. However, when it’s your time, God’s ability is the basis, along with heaven’s resources, his power, his expertise, and what you cannot see but believe.
A turn can be stolen from you but when God says, “It’s your time.” this season cannot be forfeited because he is the One granting it to you. A turn is just a turn but your time is simply divine. The blessing that God is giving you, the devil cannot do anything about it. The enemy cannot sabotage, hinder, nor prevent God from doing what he has previously decided, in his mind, to do for you. Although, it may not look or feel like your time, God says, “It’s your time.”

In the name of Yeshua our Christ, I activate divine connections, resources, and the anointing of “more than enough” in your life. You are immediately translated from the land of “need more,” into the land of “more than enough.” There is no lack or shortage in God’s presence. I release abundant shares and the abundance of glory to the seeds that you’ve released in the lives of others. May it be returned supernaturally in abundance to you, today, stupendously, eminently, immediately, outrageously, and contagiously, in full manifestation for God’s Glory.
You are in a time of great enlargement and supernatural manifestation. It is time to manifest what you’ve helped make manifest for others, out of pure love and pure worship. God is making happen for you what you’ve helped make happen for others. God is rewarding you openly, for what you’ve done secretly for others.

Although, it may not look or feel like your time, God says, “It is your time.”

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  1. Awesome! Receive it!


  2. HE is more than enough and is the answer to my every need.


    • Enjoy the opportunities and doors he opens for you today!


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