Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/24/2014

Healed And Delivered From Spiritual Abuse

imagesby Apostle Gabriel Cross

All your betrayals have just been turned into DIVINE PROTECTION, DIVINE POWER, AND RESURRECTION ANOINTING! I admit today, the thing that was meant to kill me, GOD USED IT TO HEAL ME. I am no longer a victim of spiritual abuse, but VICTOR, healing those whom have been spiritually abused, spiritually raped, and spiritually molested. I post this in the overcoming grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Things have shifted for you. The tables have turned in your favor! Your betrayals have all been turned into resurrection and power. After Judas betrayed Jesus, the next biggest event in his life was RESURRECTION AND ALL POWER AND AUTHORITY IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH!

I want to thank you, Lord, for never leaving me, and using the worst, to bring out YOUR BEST IN ME. Thank you for turning my tears of sorrow, into laughter of Joy. I want to thank you for giving me a pure heart, a new heart, a new song and a new dance! Now I am dancing my way out of the betrayals and false promises into the promise and inheritance you tailored for me. Oh my heart understands why some don’t go to the institution of what “we call church.”  Because the old model is dead and dying, it is killing and has killed many.

But Lord, you allowed me to experience this, for your glory and the benefit of so many others. I am a spiritual father, in the gospel of Jesus Christ and I never want any of my sons or daughters to be abused, misused, devalued, or to become spiritual prey of spiritual predators (wolves in sheep clothing).

Oh, I have so many tears today, because He crushed me to get the oil. He pressed me to get the new wine, and he was there the whole time, BUT HE NEVER LEFT ME! To all my sons and daughters and those who belong to others, a real father’s heart is, to POUR GLORY INTO THEIR SON AND DAUGHTER. (Proverbs 17:6)

The Lord gives and The Lord takes away but BLESSED BE THE NAME OF Jehovah! If you are righteous, The Lord tests you. If you are wicked, he leaves you alone. (Psalms 11:5) Thank you, Lord. for not leaving me to myself. Thank you, for loving me enough, not allowing me to remain the same. Thank you for revealing your heart, through the most painful time in my life.

Lord, Jesus, feel my heart today, I love you more today than I have ever loved you in my entire life. And I endeavor to love you Better by your love and your grace towards me.

I honor every son and daughter, with the Honor Yahweh has given to me. All those who are assigned to me, Lord, may they come running, running into your love today. May they come running to me, from near and far, to be healed, delivered, and restored. To be charged, challenged, and changed. To be lovingly corrected, accepted, and activated.

Indeed, I have suffered for several months now, no one knows the cost of the oil in my alabaster box but God. I pour my oil on you today Father, I pour my praise like sweet perfume and my spirit still says, “yes, yes, yes Lord” and my heart says stronger, “I love you, I love you, I love you Lord Jesus, I love you.”

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  1. No one truly knows the cost of the oil in our alabaster box. Sigh. I can so relate. He is a keeper. I am so grateful to him for keeping you in your painful time.


    • God is so good! He is our help and strength.


  2. God uses the abuses and tribulations of the past to mold us and make us of significant use to encourage and counsel others who have been in similar situations. We can praise God for past troubles because He uses them to mature us and give us a new ministry.


    • That is so true. We are healed to heal others that are going through the same thing.


  3. Praise the Lord who never leaves us!


    • Hallelujah! Yahweh stays close besides us.


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