Posted by: Pure Glory | 09/10/2013

God Says, “You Are Valuable”

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

God says you are valuable. The value that he has placed within you is far greater than what this world can offer you. Therefore, the one who uses the earth, as his footstool, had his son die for you and destroy the works of the devil, in your life. He loved and loves you, so much that he sacrificed his son’s life because he valued you and placed value within you. You are a pearl of great price, you are the apple of God’s eye, you are God’s masterpiece! You are a rare extraordinaire. You are anointed to be You.

Value you. Come into agreement with heaven and God’s desires towards you. Your wrongs, failures, past or events in the past do not define you, nor determine your value. You have a will, you have a choice and you can change your mind, at anytime. God gave you this benefit because he wanted to be in a relationship with someone, who wants to be with Him. No more reduction to slavery, forced against your will, worshipping out of a discipline but out of a love affair, with God in Christ.

The past can no longer hinder you, the Hurt can no longer deceive you, the person(s) can no longer hold you back. Fill your horn with oil and go. Move forward into glorious victory. The enemies ,of your soul, have been conquered. You are catapulted, launched to a new realm of living and authority. Your mind is free to breathe and feast on the treasures of his glory and every word that proceeds, from the mouth of God.

God has already given you the resources, so pay no attention to the bluffs of the enemy. God has made you valuable in his image and in his likeness that you would reign on this earth, as prophet priest and king–walking in dominion and not defeat.

Limitations are broken off your mind from this day forth. I break the spirit of pharaoh that only lets you go so far and then yokes you back. I declare the spirit of Pharez, the breaker anointing, over you and break off every enemy over you and over every doorway that is supposed to be open to you. I take the master key of David and I unlock your potential, your momentum, divine graces upon your life, new mantles of prosperity, new mantles of wisdom, new mantles of worship, new mantles of hearing the voice of The Lord! The Practical is connected to your spiritual. First the natural, then the spiritual. (1 Corinthians 15:46)

I am making you anew, for the next 3 months, move into what I’ve called you to and I will shift the heavens over you, draw support to you, divine connections for you and cause laws and paperwork to work in favor of you. You are valuable! Because I value you and my value lives in you! Do what the enemy said you couldn’t do. Run through a troop. Leap over the wall. Seize your enemies, pursue your enemies, by fulfilling, accomplishing, writing the plan, writing the vision, executing the promises. No more local mentality but global mentality.



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  2. Beautiful!


  3. This is Awesome! Thanks

    > Sharan Coleman >


  4. Wow. So good. I am glad I came across your blog. I look forward to following your blog. Keep up your writing, and your ministry. What you write are truths that believers need to hear. Such truth, that we are of value and that He loves us … such truth is difficult to embrace … Reminders are powerful. Peace, T


    • Thank you for the encouragement and the follow. God created us valuable! Blessings!


  5. The omnipotent creator God gave His most precious for ME. He paid the most exorbitant price to redeeme me. That makes me extremely precious to Him – and He constantly shows me how much He cares.


  6. Fantastic series of posts – full of truth, light, hope, and joy. Thank you so much!



    • Light, hope and joy are yours in greater measure today! 😀


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