Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/25/2013

Entrapment And Inner Vows Of The Heart

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Recently, I was reading (Proverbs 6:2)”Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art caught by the words of your mouth.” The word snare means entrapped or barbed. Then the Holy Spirit began to show me some words of entrapment (inner vows) in my heart. One was “here we go again.”

The Lord said, “you’re saying this out of frustration and hurt because of a cycle or reoccurring problem of something undesired.” This is an inner vow or word of entrapment because you aren’t stopping the cycle but welcoming and continuing the cycle. Instead, you should say, “Lord, my life, my times are in your hands and I speak death to every cycle that is not a blessing in my life.”  This will be the end of this curse and a new beginning.

Secondly, “Something is wrong with me”. He pointed out how this was an inner vow or word of entrapment. He said, “you are speaking this out of rejection from a person(s). You need to say, “I am wonderfully and fearfully made in the image and likeness of God. When he created me, he did it right. I am preserved, undamaged, intact, lacking nothing.”

Lastly, “I’m just anointed for mess, hurt, and abuse”. He pointed out, “this is not your portion, nor your daily benefits, or the more abundant life, I promised you.” What you should say, “I’m anointed to establish the Kingdom of God and his order. I’m anointed to be healed and bring healing to others. I’m anointed not to be abused but to bring healing to those abused, as well as the abuser.”

Then I began to repent and renounce the words of entrapment. Freedom came in and the snare was broken in these areas. Yahweh has not anointed you for mess, abuse, and hurt, but to be healed and bring healing, to be delivered from, and to conquer it. Death and Life are in the power of your tongue, speak death to the things of the enemy and life to the things of God Today!

Holy Spirit, show me any words of entrapment or inner vows that I have made, that I may repent, renounce, and thus destroy its altar in my life. Lord tear down every false altar in my heart til there’s only one altar in my heart reserved for You.

Speak words of FREEDOM, not words of entrapment…your life hinges on it.


  1. This is SO VERY TRUE, Apostle Gabriel! Our words — even within our own heads — are indeed life or death — to us and to those around us. It’s a lesson so much of the church has bypassed, and everything else hinges on understanding this truth. Even answers to prayer are dependent on what we confess out of our own mouths. People don’t realize they can hold back God’s blessings by their own words. Thank you for reminding us.


  2. YES! Thank you so much.


  3. Dear brother,
    I want to encourage you by sharing how your words of life have touched me many many times with truth. They touch me because you write and speak in your writing with a pure heart with honesty, with transparency, and you make yourself vulnerable, which opens the door for others to trust the power of the Holy Spirit to heal, to lead, to deliver, to empower all the gifts that God has for us Attainable! Personally I want to say thank you for who you are as a powerful man of God and how you have impacted my walk and my life through your teachings and your transparency. May God continue to bless you, to strengthen you, and to use you!

    Lynda Lou


    • You’re welcome! Tears of joy to know it is impacting others. Blessings!


  4. The power of life and death are in the tongue ~Prov 18:21.


  5. Smile. Oh how I can relate. Sound words and emanating truth indeed.


    • Yes, Holy Spirit is an excellent teacher. 🙂


  6. This one definitely struck a personal chord in me–thank you, and God bless you!!


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