Posted by: Pure Glory | 06/17/2012

You Are Daddy God’s Child

by Hazel Straub

The enemy of our souls wants to steal our identity and make us slaves to the orphan spirit of rejection and fear. Today, die to self-hatred that steals our true identity. In truth, we have full acceptance as the beloved children of Daddy God, through Yeshua (Salvation) his anointed son. Our identity comes from him. Rejoice in our Daddy God, who loves us without reservation. Bask in his acceptance and love that is not based on our performance. Receive and embrace your identity that’s given by Daddy God.

Happy Father’s Day as you honor and celebrate Daddy God, who gives you your true identity, as his child.

Romans 6:6 (Aramaic)
“For we know that our old man is put on the execution stake with him (Yeshua our Messiah); that the body of sin might be abolished and we no more servants to sin.”


  1. A message that’s so needed in this world — and in the church — today. Thank you.


    • You are most welcome!


  2. Just me….if applicable, please despam me….thanks so, so much for your help!


    • You’re welcome, Celeste.


  3. Of all the titles of the triune God, I rejoice in Saviour and Redeemer, but my heart overflows with love and praise as I think of my FATHER God. As one who had three abusive ‘fathers’ and who was a man-hater for years, being adopted into the family of the PERFECT FATHER GOD was joy unspeakable and experiencing Him as my Father for 54 years . . . what can I say? words cannot express . . .


    • It is wonderful that God fathers us and cares so tenderly for us. It is amazing how much he loves us!


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