Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/31/2012

The No Doubt Place

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

In the place where I can’t even doubt God.
Why would you doubt the One, whom has never failed and never will?
Who fights your battles, when you are still.

The One who has proven himself over and over again.
Who always gives you a helping hand.
The One whom has you always on his mind.
The One who has healed you so many times.

The One who made and makes ways out of no way.
Who turns your darkest nights into sunny days.
In the place where I can’t doubt God anymore.


  1. Oh your post is so good! All of that is true about God and more,and yet we doubt him.But God’s mercy and grace stands for us “Hallelujah”!! Thanks so much for stopping in at Good Devotinals and do come again.
    Love you brother 😀


    • Thank you for your encouraging words.:-D


  2. I could no more doubt God than I could any living person I know. When we have experienced the REALITY of His presence and His undertaking, without exception in all of 53 years, there can be no doubts.

    He is an amazing God!


    • God is amazing and has certainly been there for you and all of us!


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