Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/02/2012

Thirst Quenching Living Water

by Hazel Straub

My whole being cries and thirsts for you the Living Water
Humbling myself, laying down my pride as a son or daughter
You alone can satisfy my thirsty heart and dry wounded soul
Life, hurts, trauma, drama  and sin has taken quite the toll

My arms raise in surrender, relinquishing the past to you, Lord God
Yielding my will, intellect, rights, control, thoughts and fleshly bod
In worship, I release all that restrains from closer intimacy with you
My desire, focus, thirst, and heart  now set only on you filling my view

In you alone and by your help I put my hope and fully trust
Yahweh’s love surrounds, heals, fills, preserves from soul rust
God, my Rock, encompassing with lively deliverance songs
My praise freely raised in grateful heart worship all day long



  1. I confirm that I am nominating your team for the Sunshine Blogger Award for your words of wisdom and insight … for your words that call us all to something more, beyond ourselves … and for your unceasing encouragement of a stranger on the other side of the globe … Blessings, God is Good!
    See link for details:


    • Again thank you for the honor of the Sunshine Blogger Award and your kind words. You are not a stranger but a sister in the Lord. Aussies and Alaskans have many things in common, although we are at different locations of the world. Many Aussies come to visit Alaska or live here. Your adventuresome risk taking spirit that outside of your comfort zone is encouraging. We have the same Holy Spirit leading and guiding us. Good is Good and he pulls us into Pure Glory!


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