Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/27/2012

God The Final Authority

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

The Lord is ushering us, as we pray, prophesy, and worship. Uplifting us from over thinking, over analyzing, comparing and condeming ourselves. Freeing us from legalism, traditions, (make the word of none effect) criticism, opinions, and expectations of mortal men and women. God has the FINAL AUTHORITY, on your life and your circumstances!


  1. God is powerful


    • Yes, God is more powerful and involved in our lives than we realize.


      • Yeah good to hear that. Its up to us to make sure that we influence as much people as possible to long for God and what He has to offer to humanity.


      • Thank you for commenting. Yes we be a sign and wonder to others making them hungry for God.


      • That actually relates to a post I”m working on called Living for the Right Purpose. The problem with today’s world is that people can’t see the right purpose of humanity, they only do what they please.


      • God is intervening in our lives. He even speaks to those doing as they please. One believer who radiates the love of God will transform the area he lives in.


      • Yes! World is filled with people, so we gotta transform as much as we possibly can to become powerful Godly humans that glorify his Name forever!


      • Amen!


  2. So very good. And the picture is AMAZING!


    • Thank you for your encouragement.


  3. Hi. I couldn’t find a place to comment on your “About” page, so I am leaving this message here. I have nominated you for the “Genuine Blogger” Award. I didn’t see it posted on your page, so I’m going to assume that you have not received it previously. If I am mistaken, I apologize. I can’t think of a site that deserves it more, because your effort and your offering on here are most genuine and meet a genuine need.

    You can find the details concerning the award on my site at this link:

    Although the “rules” suggest that you pass the award on to seven other bloggers, don’t be too pressed about that. There is no time limit. You can post the award on your site and pass it on to only a few if that’s all you know at the time who fit the criteria. You can always add more later. I like to pass on these awards to let other bloggers know how much I appreciate them, but I never want the “rules” to be a burden.


    • Thank you for the Genuine Blogger award and the privilege and honor. We will work on getting a post completed on it.


  4. Yes, God has the final authority – and I would also say He is the ONLY Authority.


    • Many other voices make judgments and attempt to be the authority. God is the one with the authority.


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