Posted by: Pure Glory | 02/23/2012

Your Mouth Makes Your Way

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You make your way with your MOUTH!
Watch what comes out
What you talk about you bring about
Your words can activate faith

Your words can cause doubt
Death and life are in the power of your tongue
When you speak it out, it is done
You can really have what you say

If you speak it in faith today
It works for the positive or for the worse
Faith is more than the recitation of scripture and verse
Without faith it’s impossible to please God

That’s why whatever you speak is from the abundance of your heart
Your mouth is a weapon, a sword if you like
Use to cut all contrary to your faith being made sight
Good or bad, in or out
You make your way with your MOUTH!


  1. True true..thank you!
    Always a great reminder when the day is just starting…


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