Posted by: Pure Glory | 01/14/2012

2012 Year Of Prophetic Fulfillment And Great Destiny

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by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Everything is changing; it is so time to make the move. Some things we aren’t necessarily going to hear God on, we just have to make the move.  He will cause something better and different from the past to happen in our favor. We cannot put God on lockdown. We must leave the old addresses of “Playing It Safe Street,” “Worrying About What Might Happen Alley,” and the “Complaining About Nothing Roundabouts.” It’s time to move on “Impossible Miracles Happening Boulevard.”

Grace discomfits us to change and not live life, as usual. Grace helps us Not repeat the same dilemmas, year after year after year. Enter the new season determined not to look like or repeat the past. Take time out for just conversing and brainstorming about it. We are on mission action. New traction for new action. History makers not history repeaters. While others are saying it couldn’t or will not happen, it shall be done. “The greatest failure is to never ever try, what you always wanted to do.” Wow! Unlock the greatness!

This is a year of prophetic fulfillment. Year of great destiny. This is a year to experience the government of God in our lives like never before. He shall reign forever and evermore. And the kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdom of our God! It’s time to See, Believe, and Love yourself the way the Father does. Press forward, refusing to be a once was, refusing to quit, and refusing to allow the enemy to con you out of what is already yours. You are empowered. You are great. You are highly favored by God. The seeds of yesteryear are being harvested this year. Rise up today, as the Fearless Warrior, who faces opposition with confidence.

Move today, as the Pure Worshiper, who turns all stress into praise. Things are working in your favor. You are reaping the harvest God promised you and retrieving all the devil stole from you. Worship. Worship. Worship the King anew. God is more than those against you. Therefore, who can be against you, when God is for you.

What would normally take years will only take months now. What would normally take months will only take weeks now. What would normally take weeks will only take moments in my presence. I am pushing back the forces of darkness that have blinded and blocked you from receiving more of Me. I am doing some things in your life that have never been done before. Move forward and do not look back, for what’s ahead of you is greater than what’s behind. You are outrageously and contagiously blessed. You are Victorious. Thanks be to God, who gives you the victory and causes you to triumph in all things all year-long!


  1. Now that’s a powerful word…I grab hold of that one! Blessed Be The Lord God !


    • Thank you for letting us know that this word is impacting your life. God is on the move in our lives! He wants us to be encouraged. Praise God!


  2. I really enjoy your spirit that comes through in your writing. Or should I say the Holy Spirit. I don’t make time to say much but one of these days I would like to talk in person. Since I have been doing my daily blog I have had much more appreciation for what it takes to put out interesting content. I have grown in the Lord greatly as I have come to seek and trust Him in what I write. Have a great day! God Bless!


    • Thank you for sharing how this post and blog is affecting your life. I would like to talk to you also.


  3. Thank you for sharing God, used this post and the Holy Spirit, to speak deeply into my heart.


    • You are welcome. Thank you for letting me know.


  4. Amen I’m ready to move forward, please keep me in yours prayers,


    • You have our prayers.


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