Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/22/2011

Celebrate Spiritual Fathers

by Apostle Christiana Robinson

There are some people in your life, whom God wants you to release. There are some people, in your life, he wants you to keep. Sometimes, the ones you’re trying to hold and fix, God is saying, “Let them go.” Sometimes, the very ones with whom you’re frustrated and wouldn’t mind releasing, are the ones he is saying to hang on and to keep them.

God is increasing the father’s love. God knows that a father’s love must be stronger than any jealousy, insecurity or disappointment. That’s why he puts his love, in the place of your love. A spiritual father’s love should want to push and encourage his sons and daughters, to surpass him. When the sons or daughters do exceed him, there will be no jealousy, insecurity, or envy. The Father’s LOVE supersedes fleshly love. That is why God is increasing His LOVE, in spiritual fathers. For those who didn’t have a father to affirm them, God is releasing his love and grace to affirm. God is giving you supernatural abilities to father those who have never been fathered. God is giving you supernatural ability to father, even though you may not have experienced fathering. In this season, God is doing a supernatural miraculous work, in the spiritual fathers. We celebrate the spiritual fathers today!

John 14:12(b)
“The works that I do, ye shall do and greater works than these shall ye do; because I go unto my Father.”

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