Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/08/2022

You Are Blessed!

by Hazel Straub

Yahweh kneels before you with his arms open wide to you, his much-loved child. Yahweh places a hedge of protection around you. Yahweh turns his face towards you with radiant acceptance. Yahweh walks with you today, giving provision and sustaining you. Yahweh provides you with his love, friendship and help. Yahweh’s favor goes before you. Yahweh releases you to know and to walk in your uniqueness and gifts. Yahweh sets in order all you need for wholeness  and completeness. (Numbers 6:24-26)

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  1. Thank you, and blessings back to you! ❤️

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    • You are welcome! God is so good and blesses us all the time! ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Wait since when does Yahweh kneel before us? Is it not the other way around? I thought we serve Him. I enjoy the posts from this blog but this article is giving God worships us vibes. Very cringe. Could say something like Yahweh ACCEPTS us with open arms and BLESSES us although we are undeserving, etc.


    • The Hebrew verb ברך (Barakh, Strong’s #1288) means to kneel as seen in Genesis 24:11. However, when written in the piel form, such as it is in Aaronic blessing, it means to show respect (usually translated as bless). However, as “respect” is an abstract word, we need to uncover its original concrete meaning, which we can do by examining other words related to this verb. One such related word is the noun ברך (berekh, Strong’s #1288) meaning “knee.” Another related Hebrew word is ברכה (berakhah, Strong’s #1293) meaning a gift or present. From this we can see the concrete meaning behind the piel form of the verb barak. It is to bring a gift to another while kneeling out of respect. The extended meaning of this word is to do or give something of value to another. Yahweh “respects” us by providing for our needs and we in turn “respect” Yahweh by giving him of ourselves as his servants. This is also relates to how Jesus came as a servant and served others. At the last supper, in John 13:1-17, Jesus stripped, took a basin and towel and washed his disciples’ feet. Peter had a problem with this but Jesus explained this to him. Yahweh gives us gifts and we give ourselves to him.


  3. Hazel,
    I love these beautiful verses of Scripture. God certainly reveals His promises to us, if we would just claim them.

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    • Betsy, I am sure there are many unclaimed blessings that we never reached out and took. God loves us so much!


  4. Thank you. Claiming God’s blessing over our life is the best thing we can do. Blessing.

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    • Yes it is! God gives us so many blessings and we want to claim them all.


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