Posted by: Pure Glory | 05/10/2019

Jehovah God Your Provider

by Hazel Straub


It is time to live in the supernatural and not in the natural.  I AM a supernatural God. My resources are without measure. It is time to focus on me, not in your own strength and resources. I AM your resource. Fully rely, depend and find your sustenance in me.

The city of Samaria (2 Kings 6-7), was under siege with a resulting famine. Some relied on their own resources and became cannibalistic and ate their own children. In an instant, the situation changed.  My prophet prophesied plenty, where there had been lack. The King’s assistant scoffed at the Word and was trampled to death when I, God, moved. I caused the enemy that was besieging the city to flee and leave everything behind. Believe, trust me and watch my provide.

There is no need to worry. It is time to worship me and to know I AM, the Covenant Keeping God and your loving Father.

Rest in my love and my covenant with you. Is anything too hard for me? Do not trust in the arm of flesh but in me. I will never fail you.

I AM your provider and your source. Do not fear the giants, who mock and depend on their own strength.

Trust in the Lord, your God and lean not on your own understanding. Rest in my love and care. Let me be God, while you rest!  Seek me alone. I will NOT fail you. Nothing is too difficult for me. Worship me and put your trust in me alone!

Rest in who I AM, Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides. Get ready and prepare yourself to receive because you will not have room to contain all I AM giving you. Have faith, trust and rely on me, God. Worship me alone and see me as your provision.

The Lord is my shepherd;
    I have all that I need. (Psalm 23:1 NLT)

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  1. Thank you. You helped me with my tasks today. Amen

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  2. Amen! I give up my worry and frustration about debt and the disease that took my employment and income! May Your will be done Lord! God bless!

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  3. Amen! God is sufficient!

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    • God provides for us with abundant life! Amen!


  4. Amen and amen


  5. yes and amen! thank you Abba Father! hallelujah!

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  6. Amen! Praise God, Hallelujah!

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    • Yes, Jehovah Jireh is your Provider that gives above and beyond all your needs!

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