Posted by: Pure Glory | 04/20/2019

Double 🌈 Rainbows in the Sky

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I see double rainbows in the sky. Rainbows prophetically symbolize God’s Covenant—covenantal Blessings, sure promises of God, color of God, color of the nations, perfect balance and harmony, completion, health, and wholeness.      

I prophesy double to the covenant of God upon your life, double his promises, and that your life be doubly filled with the color of heaven. I prophesy double divine influence over the nations, double perfect balance, double harmony, double health, double completion, and double wholeness in your life, today. 

I prophesy for your shame, God shall give you double And you shall possess the double. 

You shall have double portions of God’s Spirit. Double Door opportunities God is opening for you. Double the favor of God upon your life. Just like when Job prayed for his friends the Lord blessed him with twice as much as he had before. Whatever you have lost, You will gain twice as much as you had before. 

Double the anointing, double the authority, and double be the Glory upon your life. Double be your influence in business, double your influence in governmental circles, double your influence in land, property, and real estate. 

Double your increase in revelation, double deliverance upon your life, and double your resistance against all evil temptation. Double revelation of the Kingdom and double the grace of God upon your life. 

Double be the power of the blood against your enemies. Double destruction over your enemies. Double giant warring angels guarding you. You shall receive the anointing of Double for your trouble, Double for the stubble, and double for the befuddle of the enemy. 

I command Double covenant blessings upon your life this day! Double miracles, signs, and wonders upon your life and family. For what was stolen from you, SHALL BE DOUBLY RETURNED TO YOU, THIS DAY!

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  1. Thank you! Amen.

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  2. Thank You Father for Double; for giving me Double of EVERYTHING I lost, that I should not have lost, or that was taken from me!! I receive Your Double anointing for me and Double blessings!! I believe and receive this Double Prophecy, from Your Servant Apostle Cross, in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!! Thank You Father for MY Double, beginning RIGHT NOW!! I take this Prophecy and RUN with it!! Thank You Apostle Cross!!

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  3. god Bless You and thank you for this spoken Glory of God. Namaste’

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    • You are welcome! Double blessings!

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    • I prophesy double to the covenant of God upon your life, double his promises, and that….. I prophesy triple covenant with God upon your life..

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  4. Amen and may your blessings return to you doubled.


  5. Double the beauty! Wow!


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