Posted by: Pure Glory | 03/14/2012

We Are God’s Mouthpiece

by Apostle Christiana Robinson

Do you ever wonder, why one might forget what they said to someone, they had ministered to earlier in the day or the week? It doesn’t happen all the time but occasionally it does. It’s so we don’t take the glory for something that was revelational, from God. For example: “Well I said” or “I told them” or “Don’t say, I told you so.” God speaks through his people a lot. It wouldn’t be right for us to take the glory or boast in something we said that actually came straight from God. This helps build character, especially in humility. It kills the “I” in pride. We are God’s mouthpiece.

Lord, let the words of our mouth and meditation of our heart be acceptable to you.


  1. However, it is also very encouraging that you are hearing from God when you realise that you “got it right” as long as either way God gets the Glory …


    • Yes, gets all the glory!


  2. This is very true.


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